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Ride-hailing Software Sparks USA Phone Number List

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The „war“ of taxi software is getting more and more intense, and it has now „burned“ into the broadcasting industry. Many people believe that many taxi drivers are busy listening to taxi software „reporting orders“ and seldom listen to the radio, which will lead to Radio advertising declined. Industry insiders pointed out that in the process of development, new USA Phone Number List things will inevitably cause friction with USA Phone Number List other industries; on the other hand, the problems arising from the taxi software itself should also be treated rationally and cannot be „banned“. Ride-hailing software sparks a new phenomenon: or hits the broadcast industry „Driving while listening to the radio“ is the „daily work“ of many taxi drivers.

However, with the development of taxi software, taxi drivers‘ listening to radio broadcasts has decreased sharply. The „new favorite“ of many drivers. Some netizens said that the radio station has thought about 10,000 ways to die, but finally did not expect this. There is a way to die without seeing USA Phone Number List an opponent;  in the end said: Taxi-hailing software is not good for taxis The driver of the car does have an influence. He has made dozens of orders, and basically no one listens to the radio. Some media analysts believe that the division of traditional broadcast time by taxi software will make radio advertising decline. This may not be unreasonable.

Li Yi, deputy secretary-general of the China Mobile Internet Association, said in an interview with the IT channel a few days ago that taxi-hailing software has given full play to its role in market competition, and friction with some industries is inevitable in the process. USA Phone Number List senior telecommunications analyst at Consulting, said on Weibo that radio has a group of loyal fans, such as night-shift workers, students, and those who have work in hand and cannot stop, especially drivers; although radio has some inherent USA Phone Number List advantages, but More and more influenced by the network, some advantages of the Internet are permeating broadcasting, and traditional broadcasting will also be changed.

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